No Grub

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No Grub

Unique Bio Formulation of Microbial Extract Consortium

  • No Grub is an unique distinctive powder formulation of microbial extracts which can penetrate and cause mortality against grubs.
  • No Grub is safe and non toxic to human beings and its target specific in nature.
  • No Grub powder is recommended for the management of white grubs.

Grubs feed underground on the roots (and organic matter in the soil) of the host plants, causing sections of grass to die, while the adult beetles are observed feeding on the foliage of certain other plants in the vicinity during the night and threaten productivity of crops, throughout the world.

Mode of Action :

  • The extracellular microbial extracts produced by Bacillus spp., have larvicidal properties. They damage the midgut tissues of the insect, rapture and cause disintegration of epithelial layer of the grub / insect body, in early stage of the insect.

Dosage and Method of Application:

Soil application: No Grub is recommended @ 2-4 kgs / acre.

Target Pest:

No Grub is effective against white grubs, root grubs, cut worms and other soil dwelling insects. It has distinctive larvicidal activity upon using the product.

Directions for use

No grub can be mixed with compost or sand and applied around the root zone or broadcasted on the field or could be mixed with water and applied around the root zone of the plants.

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