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No Fungus OOMY

No Fungus OOMY No Fungus OOMY

Microbial Extracts based Formulation Against Oomycetes Fungus

  • No Fungus-OOMY is produced by unique advanced high cell density fermentation and regulations of microbial metabolism technology.
  • No Fungus-OOMY works especially against Downy Mildew, Late Blight & other oomycetes group of fungus.
  • No Fungus-OOMY works is observed to stimulate plant defence system by triggering several defence responsive components in plant.

Mode of Action :

  • No Fungus OOMY suppresses sporangium germination and mycelial development. Microbial extract disrupts growth of germ tube and interferes in attachment of pathogen to the plant, thereby inhibiting the penetration of pathogens into the host system. It has moderate action on spore and mycelia inhibition and higher inhibitory activity in appressorium formation.

Dosage :

Foliar spray: 3-5 ml/litre of water

Drenching: 5-10 ml/litre of water
Repeat application at 4-5 days interval.

Application Method

Crop Disease Dilution Application
Vegetables & Fruits

Result seen on:

Late Blight
1 : 200-333 Foliar application at 8-12 days interval or on reoccurrence of fungal infection
Downy Mildew
Tuber Crops White Rust 1 : 100-200 Drenching at 5-7 days interval for 3 times.
Damping Off
Fruit Rot
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