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No Fungus ASCO

No Fungus asco No Fungus asco

Microbial Extracts based Solution Against Ascomycetes Fungus

  • No Fungus-Asco is an organic anti-fungal plant rejuvenator which is effective in fungicidal control, rejuvenates the plant from stress and induces resistance.

Mode of Action :

  • No Fungus Asco works through complex modes of action. The crude extracts are composed of various peptides, lipids, lipopeptides, phospholipids and other non-volatile and volatile bio-molecules.
  • These compounds produced by the microbes synergize with each other to inhibit germ tubes, mycelium growth and spore development. The Lipopeptide molecules produced by the bacterium can lyse (destroy) spore membranes, causing cell death of the fungal pathogens. Other metabolites would stop protien and cell membrane synthesis of bacterial pathogens.
  • These microbes also trigger or activate plant defence through induced systemic resistance (ISR), thus giving protection against several pathogens.

Dosage : 3-5 ml/litre of water.
Foliar application at the first sign of disease infection.
Repeat application at 7 days interval.

Application Method

Crop Disease Dilution Application
Vegetables & Fruits

Result seen on:

Powdery Mildew
1 : 2000 Foliar application at 8-12 days interval or on reoccurrence of fungal infection
Leaf Spot
Early Blight
Fusarium Wilt
Tuber Crops Damping Off Drenching at 5-7 days interval for 3 times.
Alternaria Blight
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