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No Bact

No Bact No Bact

Unique Botanical Extracts based Anti-Bacteria

  • No Bact is a broad spectrum organic bactericide which is compatible with all insecticide / fungicides. It protects plant from bacterial diseases and increases resistance against them. No Bact gives healthy growth and more resistance to plants.

Mode of Action :

  • No Bact acts on metabolic processes of pathogens (target organism) by creating hindrance o their usual metabolic activities which in turn slows down the metabolism rate of pathogens and inhibits their physical growth.
  • In combination with Treat or any other fungicide it gives complete protection to plant from bacterial and fungal diseases.

Dosage : Foliar spray: 0.5 gm-1 gm/litre of water
50-100 gm/acre for 150-200 litres of water
125-250 gm/Ha for 450-500 litres of water

Crop Disease Dilution Application
Cotton Bacterial Blight 1 : 3000 Foliar application at 10-15 days interval
Cucumber Bacterial Wilt
Rice Leaf Blight
Citrus Canker
Tomato Bacterial Wilt
Chili Leaf Spot
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